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Moments of All

Updated: May 29, 2020

To all the stethoscopes I’ve ever lost,

To all of the time commitments that have cost,

To all the tears I’ve ever cried,

To all of the restraints I’ve unwillingly but safely tied,

To all the codes I’ve had to respond to,

To all of the caring moments I happily smiled through,

To all the masks that’ve made my sensitive skin break out,

To all of the care plans and case studies I’ve learned about,

To all of the tough mornings to get out of bed,

To all of the handoff reports with long histories and meds,

To all of the grueling stay-at-work-late sacrifices,

To all of the scrub pockets full of pens and devices,

To all of the moments of traumatizing nurse abuse,

To all of the shifts I left asking God how and feeling confused,

To all of the body aches and stiffness from bedside charting,

To all of the emotional consoling with families while their loved one is departing,

To all of the random much-needed laughs at the nursing station,

To all of the immediate silence during defibrillation,

To all of the harsh days of nagging lower back pain,

To all of the days where I didn’t even notice the outside rain,

To all of the leaders who believed in me,

To all of my bloodline nurses who did it first so I could be,

I will never forget these moments of All,

I’m just glad I answered my destined Nursing Call. -LaurenRose (NurseElleRose™️ 05062020)

Happy Nurses Day and National Nurse’s’ Week, Rosebuds! Muah 😘

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