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Advocacy and Awareness


Nurse ElleRose is passionate about Epilepsy because of her personal health experiences with seizures and episodes of syncope. As she is saying on numerous occasions, “Epilepsy will not be a permanent thing for me. I know that because I believe that.” Although she is aware of her risks, she chooses to keep a positive outlook on life and live life to the fullest of her capabilities by not getting down about diagnosis. Her excellent care has been highlighted and recognized because of her ability to see situations as a nurse, caregiver and patient.


Her desire to learn more about Alzheimer’s taking care of the aging & elderly stems from her caring for many geriatric patients in the hospital, and primarily, while learning about cognitive decline as a caregiver to her grandmother. Her dearest Pinkie Venus as she calls her passed in Feb 2018 of late stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Nurse ElleRose wants to find appropriate resources and to help get funding for cure research, improved community dementia training, and support for caregivers in Georgia, the US, and internationally.


Lauren’s nurturing heart allows her to use her clinical skills and have the energetic willingness to help organizations find medical answers, raise awareness, and advocate for public health policy for diseases and conditions such as Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s

Visit the websites below to find out more about some of the organizations that Nurse Elle Rose has volunteered with as well as ways you can help, support and donate.

Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter:

Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia:

Angels of Epilepsy Foundation:

A.U.B.R.I. Corp:


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